Training Program

Cesar Millan
With colleague Cesar Millan of National Geographic's
"The Dog Whisperer"

During your initial phone consultation, we’ll take a detailed history of your dog, and discuss your training goals. Together, we will develop a training strategy that is catered to your family and your dog.

We encourage you to start training as early as possible, as your dog will begin learning from the first moment you meet! Many times clients choose to have their initial consultation before they even bring their new dog home. Having the necessary information and skills from day one can ensure a smooth transition and a good start to your new relationship. However, it is never too late to start training, and enjoying, your dog. It is essential that you learn how to communicate with your dog in a way that is clear to him, while also reinforcing your position as a pack leader.

You will acquire new skills, such as appropriate leash handling, tone of voice, timing, and body language in order to enhance your newfound communication. We will help you to develop an awareness of how your behavior has an impact on your dog’s behavior, and how to make adjustments that will help you to achieve the desired results. You will gain insight into your dog’s instincts, and how he views the world, and your pack. This is necessary in order to nurture a mutual understanding.

It is important to remember that effective training and leadership not only makes your dog more enjoyable to the people around him, but results in your dog feeling happier, calmer, and more secure.

Whether your goals are to eliminate a behavior problem, have better control and more respect, volunteer for pet therapy work, or simply to have your dog accompany you to a family function or an outdoor cafe, we can help.



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